About US

the marbella spirit
Marbella Beach was born out of a passion to create a brand that reflects the Marbella spirit. It is inspired by the 1954 era when the glamor and luxury facet began in Costa del Sol. 

Our brand is a collection of the stories and memories of our childhood, feelings, experiences and above all, the good life

We have an unconditional love for the city, and we want to give it a tribute that it deserves. 

“That strong feeling of being in a welcoming, cosmopolitan city with a good climate and multiculturalism, a place that invites us to live, enjoy doing sports or just walking through the streets of the old town, transmits peace and integration in complete harmony.”

Designer & CEO 
AhD El Hammami
From Architecture to Fashion Design
Focused on sustainable and conscious consumption.
Born in Tetouan, a city of art, Ahd Hammami, has been a dreamer since childhood, with a strong passion for creation and design with harmony. 

Ahd has developed a career in architecture and design for more than 20 years, her experience as successful entrepreneur is proven by her back- ground as architect.

Her dream was to create a brand that transmits the values of sustainability, and to develop an healthy community of Marbella lovers. 

The objective she decided to pursue with her brand Marbella Beach, is to bring together a community that shares know-how and love for the city of Marbella. 

Each design draws from Ahd’s personal background and embrace the sensorial quality of Spanish lifestyle.